I just came across this and it looks hilarious. In 2010 while still fairly new they had a story picked up by The New York Times, the fish-wrap of record, and many other media outlets throughout the world.  “A Serbian man reportedly has become a hero in Egypt — by accidentally killing a shark with his butt while drunk.”

Sadly for the “legit” media outlets the story was a hoax, but they found out too late and Njuz.net was on the world stage.  This quote is from an article by Iva  Martinovic,

Njuz.net reporter Marko Drazic says the shark story tapped into a stereotype Serbs have of themselves as strong and skilful — a stereotype only reinforced by the reaction to the hoax story.

“Although due to this story, Njuz became quite popular, most of the headlines in the media during the aftermath were along the lines of ‘Ha ha ha, the Serbs fooled the whole world,” which confirmed exactly what we had criticized in the article,” Drazic says.


There is the Serbian version-  www.njuz.net

There is an English version- http://www.theglobaledition.com/



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