Hollywood is planning to shoot a film about Serbian scientist Nikola Tesla. Nobody else but George Clooney might play the main role. When searching for an actor to portray the greatest Serb of all time one must go straight to the top so as not to insult an entire country.  I think that Steve Buscemi would be perfect for the role, the man could play it in his sleep.
The initial title of the film was ‘1952’ but the director decided to change it to ‘Tesla’. It is interesting that the new project has been defined as a science fiction film which describes Tesla’s encounter with the aliens on the Planet Earth. Tesla manages to establish communication with the aliens from the Mars via his transmitter constructed at Colorado Springs. Its initial purpose was wireless transmission of electric energy. This could be done in a similar manner to “Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter“, which would probably outrage the Serbs and delight most Americans who have no idea who Tesla was.  The mythic lore surrounding  Tim Swartz’ book The Lost Journals of Nikola Tesla is the source of these and other amazing stories about the obscure genius.
Other details of this story are kept as a top-secret since the project shall be financed by the Walt Disney Studio. The shooting is expected to begin next year. Director Bird suggested George Clooney to play the main role.   

One thought on “George Clooney rumored to star as inventor Nikola Tesla

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