On November 20, Jennifer Lopez‘s “Let’s Dance” world tour made a stop in Beograd, Serbia.  No word yet if it was a planned stop or her plane malfunctioned on the way to Malaysia and aggressive Partisan fans demanded she play a show.  None the less she played wowed the entertainment starved crowd and managed a “volim te” at the end of the show.  Thousands of young Serb teenagers were confused and aroused at the same time.  Lopez was hurried from the stage during the crush of hormones that rushed forward, erections first.

How she managed to keep the world tour so quiet is really no mystery in the US as she has faded from the light quickly.  Touring with Enrique Eglasias only helped keep the cloak of boredom secure.  Serbian fans however did put up a Facebook page dedicate to the show that has amassed over 11,000 likes.  The page is covered in pictures of Ms. Lopez draped in the Serbian flag, pandering to the crowd like only an American entertainer can.

Local artist Kristina Racic reviewed the show and had this to say when asked if she enjoyed it, “Please.  That woman sings like my Strina at Slava.  She not even smoke, what kind of singer not smoke?  Everyone know it loosens voice.  Rakija too.  She should have gone to the Partizan game to hear what real Serbian singers sound like, then got on stage.”

Despite the scathing reviews from the local art crowd the city loved Ms. Lopez and hopes that she comes back again and leaves Eglasias at home and improving their chances of scoring with her.


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