Today is Slava for all you Sveti Nikola fans out there.  To the Americans he could be considered Saint Nick, makes sense a little bit huh?  My birthday being towards the end of December this day is also my Slava.  To be married in the Orthodox church, and for my wife, I converted.  So it seemed only natural that this would be the day.

Last year I got yelled at by some knucklehead in the comments that said it was an insult, that I picked my own Slava.  I don’t see it that way.  It’s based on your birthday right?  I’m a member of the church right?  So there it is.  After work today I’m heading to the in-laws to eat and drink until the wife has to drive me home.  We don’t host anything at our house yet but that time is coming, the way I see it; why mess with a good thing?  I don’t have to do much of anything.

So Srecna Slava to Ciko Vukasin, Ciko Milorad, and my father-in-law Milovan!  If i forgot someone, my apologies.

Sveti Nikola.  Saint Nicholas

Sveti Nikola. Saint Nicholas


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