Former Playboy Croatia model Branka Knezevi did her best Sharon Stone impression recently during an interview with Serbian Prime Minister Ivica Dacic.  While the PM was answering a question about politics Branka shifted in her seat and opened up just enough to give the politician a look along with the rest of the Balkans.  The PM handled it like a pro, giving a slight grin and continuing on.

The video has caused mixed reactions among Serbs ranging from “He’s a man, and no man could remain emotionless in such a situation,” to “It was humiliating both for Dacic and the country and he should have banned it immediately and dismissed his entire public relations team.”  Take a guess which sex made which comment.

Being that the model is Croatian and this was aired on Croatian television the Serbs have reacted in predictable style; launching a full investigation.  Obviously this national humiliation cannot stand man.  This is a black eye for them all and the Croats are obviously jealous of the virility of Serbian men.  Why else would they send one of their sexiest operatives?  To enslave the PM of course so he could be the puppet and she the puppet master.  Duh.

From Alekandar Vasovic;

“The whole case will be fully investigated,” Dacic’s national security adviser, Ivica Toncev, was quoted as telling the Serbian daily Blic.

“This was Serbia being mocked, not the prime minister. The prime minister’s office will not let this go unpunished,” said Toncev. His office did not respond to requests for comments on the interview or the investigation.

This You Tube video shows the entire diabolical prank from the planning stages all the way to the execution, a smoking gun for conspiracy if ever there was one.  There is now news that an inquiry has been ordered by the Prime Minister; follow the link below if you dare.

This video is SFW.


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