The Northern suburbs of Chicago has a large Serbian population that I had no idea existed prior to meeting my wife.  Before that momentous day I was blissfully unaware that this ethnic group existed.  My time amongst them has been short in time, but long in experiences.   As the days advance I grow in my appreciation for this intriguing group of people that are devoted to family and helping their neighbors.  In my posts I will try to shed some light on the serb community, expose my “American” brothers and sisters to a similar culture and poke a little fun.  But it is all done out of love.  I am writing this blog as a hobby,  I have no notion of where this will go, if anywhere.  I do it only for myself.


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  1. How ironic that I was just telling this story at a party last evening! Met a young lady born in Czech Republic, who has been here since age 5. Recalls no Promaja there.
    Is the 1st meeting between the sets of parents too close to home to describe? Keep in mind that I’m fond of everyone and crazy about your wife. She is the best!!!

  2. Great comments and insight on us!!

    Glad you are enjoying our world in America!! There are thousands of us… all over the US… and we are basically all the same. Eat, drink, dance, be merry and never but never let there be promaja!! You are taken care of for life… and then some!
    My next life will be an American husband…;-) Enjoy! Ziveli!

    50 years in the USA

    • That boy in the picture is one of the wife’s cousins modeling some gifts she gave him. The shirt he is wearing says Chicago Bears, so I cropped it out. Don’t want to confuse people ;-). I have been told since what the graffiti on the wall means and I will address it later on. I just wanted something that looked “serbian”. No political message there.

  3. You have interesting and different blog…
    We just started new Serbian-American website and we have part of the website where we will add Serbian , American and Serbian-American blogs… maybe you could add some of your experience with Serbian community on our page. If you are interested to publish part of your blog on our webiste let us know.

    Свако добро,

  4. Hi promajaneck,

    First off, my apologies for posting this as a comment… I could not find any other contact information for you on the blog so hopefully this message will go into moderation and you will notice it there without approving it!

    My name is Ariel Zellman and I am a Ph.D. student in the Department of Political Science at Northwestern University in Chicago. Much of my research centers around the politics of identity and territory in the Balkans, particularly Serbia. I post much of my research on the Balkans on my personal research blog at http://arielzellman.wordpress.com.

    At present, I am running an online research survey (in Serbian) which examines the impact of different kinds of political speech on people’s policy preferences. The survey is targeted at Serbs particularly in Serbia but can also include those in Montenegro, Bosnia, etc. You can find it at http://arielzellman.wordpress.com/anketa.

    Unfortunately I have had a bit of a difficult time disseminating the survey beyond my immediate friends and colleagues. I realize that yours is an English-content site, but would it be possible (or efficacious) for you to publicize my survey in some form? Or perhaps to tell your Serbian friends and colleagues about it? The work is purely academic, has no corresponding financial or political agenda, and participants can choose to enter a drawing for a free iPod Touch.

    Any and all assistance would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,

    Ariel Zellman

  5. WOW, You sound very strong and together our Promaja Hero! I just cant accept and don’t think it is possible for you to leave us!? I think with the time and experiences involved you are one of us now! You know us! It might be different with the, on site location yugo’s….BUT …US? leaving us here in the USA… come on… WE will always be yours, WE know the culture and all else, yet we live here and are Americans …primo! Do not hesitate to contact us or change your heading and intro and keep connected with us here! Some ideas are: Promaja Hero’s or Promaja Survivors! Look I was born in BG, I wouldn’t survive! And by the way…I am fluent in Serbian. I visit every few years, just to see family and play on vacation. Then I come HOME. It is here! We won’t sign the papers, you can’t leave, your impressions and reflections were fresh, real, honest and true. Keep us at heart and the very BEST to you 😉 So many of us enjoyed …Thank you! Sasha

    • thank you so much Sasha that is very kind. I’m not sure what you have heard but I’m the blog isn’t going anywhere. I have just been busy/lazy/uncreative that last few months. Im trying to get it together and write more.

  6. Dear Proimajaneck, I haven’t heard anything other then your blog. I just liked your recording, about being with Serbs. It’s fresh when they don’t write about themselves. Yup.. I know the D word! But all will survive, and the best thing you can do is to be creative! WRITE! Tell us your story, let us hear it and give responses. Start something about what happened to you, and express in your chosen media! I’m a fine artist now. Just got my MFA! How wonderful it is to be who you really are! It never would have happened to me without the D word! I was absorbed, living in someone’s shadow. Living their dreams and not mine or ours. You have the opportunity to be who you really are now! Serbs or no Serbs….Get it out, let’s see what you have, and move the planet! My Thesis was on “Feelings of Displacement” I am a Serb, yet I have always felt displaced in both countries, until now. I have discovered and learned that it wasn’t the locations of residence or birth, it was not knowing nor developing myself. Best, Sasha

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