As promised here now is the world debut of Serbo-Kabuki Theatre.  The two shining Serbian stars of this puppet show are Ана Шеклер and Milena Tomicic.  They are the artistic geniuses responsible for the pictures and text.  This scene is proof positive that two very bored people can accomplish a whole lot of awesome.  Enjoy.

Let me tell you a story……

dunja:   village life is difficult, my husband is a drunk and i smoke thru my head.

ilona:   well city life ain’t no better girl, i got a pound of crap on my face and it hurts

to wear these jewels on my head…liony pass the dutchie on the left-hand side

ticklit and dunja meet for the first time…love at first sight. art director’s heart is broken. buggy and jozhik get more comfy.


  let me whisper sweet thoughts of sour cabbage, pickled beets, and smoked meat in your ear my lovely liony.


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